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At Crunch Care, we’ve redefined in-home care with a corporate staffing approach, combining expertise from the corporate recruiting and human resource industry. Our team offers tailored solutions that cater to individual families, corporate benefit programs, and organizational partnerships.

Short-Term & Back-Up Care Services

When life’s demands require flexible care solutions, we step in to provide short-term caregivers for various situations. From date nights to senior companion care, our experienced team handles scheduling and arrangements. Whether it’s a last-minute emergency, school closures, date nights, senior companion care, or short-term ongoing care, we’ve got you covered.

Our Short-Term & Back-Up Care Services Include:
Sporadic Needs · Emergencies · School Closures · Date Nights · Senior Companion Care · Short-Term Ongoing Care

Our hourly rate encompasses employee’s salary, agency fees, payroll costs, tax filings, workers’ compensation, and basic insurance. There is no need to worry about being the employer or tax obligations when utilizing this service. Our team handles all of that for you. Rates begin at $42 per hour and can go up to $55 per hour depending on the request. Lower rates available in specific regions. Newborn Care overnight rates begin at $45 per hour.

Long-Term Placement Solutions

Seeking stability? Our Long-Term Placement service is designed to match you with the perfect caregiver for positions lasting 6 months or more, with a minimum of 20 hours per week, we’re dedicated to finding the perfect fit for your household. From Nannies to Private Educators, Housekeepers to Personal Assistants, and even Senior Companion Care Providers, our expertise ensures a seamless match.

Our Long-Term Placement Services Cover:
Nanny Services · Private Educators · Housekeepers · Personal Assistants · Senior Companion Care Providers

$4000 any search under 20-24 hours, 30 day replacement
$5000 any search above 25 hours, 90 day replacement

Corporate HR Benefits for Enhanced Quality of Life

Elevate your company’s culture by prioritizing your employees’ well-being. Our Corporate HR Benefits program offers a range of quality-of-life enhancements, including our Back-Up Care solutions through Corporate Care Benefits. Tailored to meet both short- and long-term needs, these benefits foster employee morale and satisfaction.
Our Corporate HR Benefits program has earned the trust of renowned companies, including Apple, Google, Chase, and NBC-Universal, just to name a few. As a trusted partner, we collaborate with both subcontracted and directly contracted corporations to provide top-tier back-up and long-term care solutions. This collaborative approach ensures that employees across various industries and sectors can access quality care services, enhancing their well-being and productivity.

Our Corporate HR Benefits Program Offers:
Customized Employee Benefit Programs · Back-Up Care Solutions · Short- & Long-Term Care Options

Beyond CarE
Additional Services

Hotel and Vacation Care
Even while away from home, our caregivers provide a familiar touch for out-of-town guests in hotels and vacation rentals. We also partner with hotel concierge teams to provide the best experience for their guests.

Sleep Consultations
For the early stages of parenthood, our sleep solutions bring peace to your home. Our consultations, starting at $250 per hour, guide you toward healthy sleep routines for newborns and infants. For a complete guide to sleep traning and one on one week long guidance consider our concierge option at $1500.

Due Diligence
Trust is paramount. Our background check services, beginning at $150, ensure the safety and integrity of your chosen caregivers.

Special Events Care
Weddings, Events, Conferences. Make events memorable for all attendees. Starting at $45 per hour, we offer reliable babysitting and caregiving services, ensuring both children and adults enjoy the experience.

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*All placements include a standard background check by Sterling including felony and misdemeanor check county or state wide when available, DMV, Social Security Verification, Sexual Offender File check, Trustline background registry filing, and other background check options are available upon request for an additional fee.

*Trustline is a mandatory state run background check program run by the California Department of Social Services and the FBI. It is a requirement by all agencies in the State of California to ensure all applicants referred have this detailed background check. It is not simply a one time check, but an ongoing monitor of the person you hire to work in your home.
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