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Are your Nannies fully screened?

Our Nannies and providers are background checked at a local county level, national level (National Criminal File), Social Security Verified, 7-year address, Department of Motor Vehicles, OFAC, and Sexual Offender Registry checked. We follow all State and Federal requirements and regulations including the CA Trustline program. We run a Social Media Check on all candidates as well as the references of those candidates. Our candidates additionally are interviewed extensively, given a weighted Domestic Provider Certification test which they have to pass, and CPR First Aid Trained. We are experts at knowing the right skill set to match our employees and long-term referrals properly with families.

How do I make contact with the Nannies on THE LIST?

We find the most effective and quick form of communication is text. Open a conversation with one of our Nannies by telling them a little bit about your family and where you live. Ask if they have availability on the days you are looking to book. We recommend sending your full name and location so they can do some research and make sure it would be a good fit for them!

Should I expect the Nanny to get back to me promptly?

Yes, our Nannies are trained to be responsive whether available for your request or not. If they are not available for the first requested date it is possible they could be a fit for down the road.

Can I hire your Nannies for a full-time position?

We provide long term search services for concierge level requests that are long term. For more information on those services contact our offices or click here. THE LIST was created with the intent of “high end gigs” vs. a full time job.
How do you select who is on THE LIST?
We curate the existing Nanny database we have looking for the candidates we have spent time fully vetting and hand select the most qualified, experienced, and professional picks. THE LIST Nannies are looking for jobs at a specific salary range and have a good amount of experience.

Why do you change THE LIST every 60 days?

We do our best to keep the candidate pool on THE LIST current. Updating every 60 days allows us to check in with existing candidates and refresh based on availability. We always want to compose a value driven list with candidates who are truly available and looking to connect with families.

How many new Nannies are added each time you publish THE LIST?

It is our goal to consistently be adding new Nannies to THE LIST as frequently as possible. We do not guarantee a minimum number of Nannies but our goal is to have approximately 10 viable available Nannies ready to go with each publication.
What are the expected pay rates for the Nannies that have been selected?
Many of the Nannies we refer are looking for cases that pay between $25-35 per hour. Specifics depend on the Nannies experience, your families needs, and the demand of the case. We feel this is a strong suggested salary range when working with the candidates recommened to attract them to take your positions.

Have these Nannies worked for Crunch Care before?

Some of the Nannies on THE LIST are previous Crunch Care employees, and some were recruiting for long term searches where they may have been placed at some point, or did not move forward with position recruited for. All the Nannies on THE LIST are vetted as though they are a long term placements or an employee. The same vetting standards apply.
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